Friday, April 18, 2014

Antique Road Slow...

not one of my usual mis-typings but a trip to the Antiques and Collectors Fair at Ardingly.  It was the day of the horrible and tragic accident on the M26 so a round  journey of  80 miles took five hours but it was worth every moment.  We were completely unprepared for the scale of the event.  This was first sight that greeted us.
This vast room filled with four rows of stalls. Where to start?  We wandered through one side and then decided to take a look outside as the sunshine was glorious. My photographs cannot capture the miles of stalls, the web site says there are up to 1700.

It was all too much for this couple.

I reluctantly left behind the wonderful set of drawers with their enamelled number which looked as though it had come from the glove department of The Paradise and settled for a brass thimble instead. I also left behind a piece of really antique fabric which will haunt me for ever, unless I find it next time I go. Great day out in spite of the traffic.
I see the weather is due to do its usual thing and pour down for the  Holiday but I hope you have a Happy Easter in spite of it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wk 15 and Hussif...

 Wk 15 challenge for Documented Life was "Monochromatic: use shades tints and hues of one colour." I took the opportunity to try out the die I bought at the Big Stamp show at Ally Pally.

The word hussif keeps cropping up and it reminded me I made one for my daughter way back in 2006  this was the inside.

and  the original inspiration was this article in CQ Mag Online .

I have reluctantly decided to abandon the Craft Barn Q&L Challenge,I missed the deadline last time. Time is a bit of an issue at the moment and it is not really in the spirit of the thing if you can't get round to the other  posts. I found having two words to chose from a bit muddling unlike the Alphabet Challenge last rear which really  focused my mind. 


.....thanks to the Curiosites de Titam  I found this, the drawings of  Benjamin Sack. Oh my goodness!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Wk 14 for Documented Life was Write your name and embellish it. I am not a fan of my handwriting so I chose an alphabet stencil I bought at the V&A with no clear idea of what to do and this is what happened.
Don't know why I should connect the letters with barbed wire?????
I treated myself to Sherrill Kahn's Mixed Media Master Class book

 and for the last few weeks I have been trying out some to the techniques I hadn't tried before. This is using textured copy paper and paper cord. 
and this was following a tutorial combining techniques.
It remind me of sailing into St Petersburg in the morning mist. I am so pleased with the book. it really gets the juices flowing.
This was something I meant to put up a while ago.  I collaged all the bits of paper that were lying around  my desk top and this rather Lord of the Rings landscape just appeared.  Well that's what it look like to me.
Al the mounts are digital to give me an idea of how or if to frame them.
Desk top is due for another tidy so who knows?

Sunday, April 06, 2014

All behind.........

I am really chasing my tail this week. My computer was due in for it's annual hoover and in addition needed a bit more ooomph and changing from Windows XP so it was away for a few days, add two sunny days gardening (bliss), a haircut, Maylands Textile group and a visit to Excel for Creative Stitches and all challenges went into the background, So in an effort to get back on track ....
WK 13 Documented Life was "Ask someone to draw on your page -finish it."
This was the drawing my friend produced.
and this is how I finished it!
 for the Craft Barn Challenge the words were Flower or Travel.  Flower chose me as I started singing a very silly song.  "In the Flower Garden of  My Heart" is a Rogers and Hart song from the show "Pal Joey".  The scene is the "rehearsal" of a Follies Type number,my daughter was in the Bristol Old Vic production in the early days of her career and I have never forgotten it. Gelli print background and collaged flowers cut from magazines and put through my Sizzix,
If you click on the picture you should be able to read the lyrics ,if not you can read them here (No 10), they really are silly(and clever)
ADDENDUM - I was too late for the challenge.  Sorry I didn't get round  everyone else.
I bought this at Creative stitches yesterday, very relaxing to do, just need to think of some applications for it.

Onward....still have my runner to do.

Monday, March 24, 2014


of the Documented Life.   The challenge was "cut up a magazine and add to your planner".   The eyes have it....
and for the runner I documented hockey sticks for the excellent production of "Daisy Pulls it Off" at the Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre. looking forward to "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe". The other part is to represent little Peruvian gold figures. I needed to go up to town to meet my daughter and with some time left I managed to squeeze in the next to last day of the "Beyond El Dorado" exhibition at the British Museum. Glad I made it, there was some fascinating stuff.  Although the exhibition has finished there is lots on the Museo del Oro website. I must not leave the Viking exhibition too long. 

Monday, March 17, 2014


For the Craft Barn challenge the choice was "art" and "road".  My first thought was   "Into the Woods" by Stephen Sondheim, only to find I have been singing the wrong words to this for years and also to many othr songs which I thought contained the word "road" and turned out to be "way" "path" "trail" I was becoming a little desparate when I remembered this from my schooldays. Funny how you can remember songs you learned then but can't remember what you put on the shopping list you left at home. I offer you the Uist Tramping song which I guarantee you will have on the brain for days.
My painting style hasn't changed much  in the last 60 odd years.
Here's a very jolly version

Wk 11.......

of Documented life.  The challenge was "Draw, photograph or collage a bird onto your page" .  I wanted to do something to represent the spakling blue skies we have had this week, I also have a new bird die and s gelli print stack
this is the cover,background is just inktense bars wiped over and spritzed.

For my runner, what else but the chains from the Cheapside Hoard.visit

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Modern Art and Medieval Mastery part 2,,,,,,

I was intrigued(as was everyone else)  by this group on the bridge.

 The artist appeared to be painting in between the metal plates of the bridge, the people with him were from Channel 5. ?????
I took this so you can have a go for yourself. I might.
 Update: Thanks to Debbie for the comment which gave the explanation for this. Ben Wilson is the artist.

Did I mention the sun was shining, St Pauls reflected in one of the  pieces of street art.
I was on my way to the Museum of London and I realised I was passing Postman's Park. This is somewhere
Lynda Monk told me about a long time ago. Sorry you weren't there Lynda but I will have to go again because a gentleman had positioned himself right in the middle of the memorial to eat his, rather large, lunch,
This is the explanatory plaque.
and just a few of the tragic, heroic stories.
(You should have a larger versiou if you click on the picture, I think it is working again now)
When the children were little we used to go to the Museum of London a favourite because you could walk through from prehistory to the present day. I haven't been for years but a memory from then was a beauitful chain that was on display from the Cheapside Hoard. (Watch the video on the link if you can)  The chain was so delicate and pretty I have never forgotten it so this exhibition was a must for me. The workmanship is stunning, you can pick up a magnifying glass at the entrance and you need it to appreciate the tiny detailed pieces.  Security was very tight (you have to leave everything in a locker) so I have had to borrow this from In Detail which has very good pictures of other exhibits. The chains are very long.

In Detail Cheapside Hoard Museum of London 0110 The Cheapside Hoard
and this is the postcard I bought.
I couldn't resist a quick look at the rest of the museum which looks great fun and seems to contain many of the costumes I have been missing at the V&A..  Return visit soon I hope.